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Original Watercolor Paintings:

Petals of Love
A tulip in solitude Still Holding On
"Petals Of Love" "A Tulip in Solitude" "Still Holding On"
Purple and Gold Rising Colors and Promises Forever Never Wilt Rose
"Purple and Gold Rising" "Colors and Promises...Forever" "The one that will never wilt"
Ahmm Moment Green Camouflage Thousand Miles to that Rim
"The Ahmm Moment" "Green Camouflage" "Thousand miles to that golden rim"
Incoming Santa Cruz Harbor Illuminating at Dusk Sun taking Refuge
"Incoming..Santa Barbara Harbor" "Illuminating at Dusk" "Sun taking Refuge"
Rainshine City Love is in the rain Flight 2013
"Walikng in the rain shine city" "Love is in the rain" "Flight into 2013"
Shiva Shakti Holi with Krishna Just like the butterfly I too will awaken in my own time
"Shiva and Shakti" "Holi with Krishna" "Just like the butterfly, I too will
awaken in my own time"
Fallen Leaf It's the little things you know Can You take me Higher
"Fallen Leaf" "It's the little things you know?! "Can you take me Higher?"



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