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I remember…

I remember being (probably) the only student in my classroom most excited about the Art lessons at school. The excitement was all about drawing and painting a new subject and awe over a demo from my Art teacher! Friends would gawk over my finished artwork and I would gawk over their superb report cards at the end of the semester! At the end of high school days I had made up my mind to pursue art. Feeling proud of having achieved a Degree in Fine Arts from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture and Arts, Mumbai, I had stepped out to venture in the real world. After a few successful Art exhibitions in Mumbai I stumbled upon Graphics and Web Design. It was a new experience of art through technology. Quotes

More than 15 years later I have picked up my brush, did not realize at that time but the Universe had ignited that little flame again! Inspiration was everywhere – music, dance, books, sounds, personal stories of both mine and others that have deeply impacted on me, the solitude of a walk through the trails or a beautiful nursery full of blooms, or just watch the mountains and valley silently, or enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city. Soon, I found myself getting lost in creating a painting... almost, meditating. It's my “point of contact” with the divine being.

The vibrant and infinite colors of nature have always awed me. I am constantly striving to perfect those colors in my paintings. Watercolor has become a favorite medium for my work. I love the transparency and how the colors appear luminous. It amazes me how the color intensifies because of the light passing through the pigment and reflects from the paper. You’ll see a lot of attention to details in my work, which is my strength. I try to keep a focal point to enhance my subject; I think it creates a connection with the viewer.

Finally, giving a title to my paintings is one of my favorite thing to do. I often use quotes, lyrics of a song, a question or anything that has deeply influenced me. Every painting has a story. A story that an artist wants to share. A title is a suggestion or simply opens the door and shows the light: a way to approach the subject.

My hope is that by sharing my Paintings, they will inspire and touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. As I continue to paint and fan this flame the Universe has ignited for me, I look forward to self-discovery and mastery of oneself.



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